Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday International Service!

We have had a great week with lots of positive leads and events to attend! Having had a quiet spell for a while it was encouraging to have two catering events booked and taken place this week. We are coming up with ideas to get the vehicle adapted for the artisans to drive themselves, at the moment they are having to pay taxi fares to transport the food, hopefully adapting the vehicle can counteract this unnecessary expense.

Monday was off to a slow start with the internet running a slow. Jess and Ablasse went to splendid but unfortunately the hotel manager was out so they were unable to have the meeting about setting up a small display in the entrance. We had positive news from Pension Sarah though, a hotel who is eager to display and sell TN products in the lobby.

Tuesday was the 60th anniversary for IS and we all went to Ziniaré, a village 45 minutes out of Ouaga for a party to celebrate. The Kabeela Project team had spent the last week preparing for it; it was great to see where they work and the day was a resounding success.

There was singing, traditional dancing, food, more dancing and we had the opportunity to set up a stall and sell Tigoung Nonma’s products. The other volunteers loved what was on offer and TN made a good amount of money from this opportunity! We are excited for the TN open day we will host later in the programme and will make sure we are well stocked, as the goods were very popular. There were also various talks, presentations and awards given. A few local dignitaries were there including the IS CEO, Jo Baker, who was presented with a memento to mark the 60th anniversary.

After lunch and more dancing (this time to some local “hip hop”) we made our way to the local football pitch where the IS girls took on a challenge by the local ladies football team. Somehow amongst the chaos we managed to win 2-0. The boys played afterwards but didn’t have the same success. The journey home reminded us why we are not allowed to ride mopeds here…a prang on the way back with a moped and our bus caused a slight delay getting home. All in all it was a fantastic day and great to be apart of the celebrations.

Wednesday we were in the office concentrating on research and funding. As there was a catering event on Jess and John worked in the kiosk for a bit to help serve for the lunchtime rush.

Thursday we had our fortnightly meeting with the Tigoung Nonma committee to discuss what we have done so far and are hoping to achieve. Sarah had put together a really informative power point presentation on marketing and new products ideas.  All the TN members are really pleased with our progress and achievements so far, they are equally as excited about our ideas. After the meeting we gave some English lessons. Jess, Ablasse and James taught the beginners lesson, and Sarah taught the Intermediate lesson with John. Hannah floated between each lesson to lend a helping translation when needed. After Lunch we joined in with HSB’s Espace Bambino party and played with the children and joined in with the games. There was a great atmosphere again with music, laughter and games. After work we went to watch the HSB disabled basketball team play in a friendly match. We were given the opportunity to play too, we weren’t quite a match for the opposition but it was great to get involved and it turned out to be quite a crowd puller!

Friday the team had a group discussion in the morning about our views on the Millennium Development Goals and what we think they are about. We discussed whether or not we think they are possible to achieve by the deadline and if we feel there are any gaps where things could be added. It was an interesting discussion and we concluded the goals had missed two vital global needs for development: disability and youth unemployment.

After lunch we walked into town for a stronger internet connection in the restaurants to finish the blogs, update the social networking pages and send out as many emails as possible.

This week has gone so fast but it has been one of the best weeks. 

The Tigoung Committee and IS Volunteers fortnightly meeting

The Tigoung Nonma stall was kept busy at the 60th birthday party. More pics below...

Post-football matches...actually we look too happy, must be before

Post basketball match...an incredible afternoon! Best week!

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