Friday, July 19, 2013

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Tigoung Nonma

Week 2

Week 2 and the project is going well. Our biggest struggle at the moment is the wifi connection which can limit our research but we are remaining positive and have had some promising replies to emails. 

The kiosk is doing well and is maintaining a steady stream of business. We have made some bunting which is adding colour to its already vibrant look. At lunch the kiosk has been serving our team, passers by and HSB volunteers including a group of Swiss people who have been here for 2 weeks. The new kiosk sign has been made for the end of the road to attract more custom. We hope to paint it by the end of next week and get it out on the main road as soon as possible.

Jean one of the national volunteers has given us a Mooré lesson, something we hope to do weekly so we can improve our conversations with the locals – at the moment it mostly consists of them laughing lots at our attempt! That being said Jean decided the essentials for us to learn were how to ask a young boy to come over, tell him we want a husband, I love you and if he will be my husband. We are not sure how that will go down when bartering in the markets but we are picking up new words each day which is definitely a good thing.

This week Sarah set up a meeting with an English couple that live in Burkina. They have a craft and fashion business so it was great to share ideas. We came away with lots of ideas that we want to research and a few leads to follow up. The main outcome of our discussions is for us to look into new product ideas that may be more suitable for the western markets; we are going to prepare a presentation to show the committee next week with potential new products.  

We have decided to make a display for the IS office with some of the products from Tigoung Nonma. The office gets a lot of people passing through so any chance to raise more awareness of TN is good!

The CEO of International Service is in Burkina this week for the IS 60th anniversary. She came to meet the team on Thursday and we had a meeting to discuss the programme. It was great to talk to her and she listened to our ideas and thoughts. 

We are heading over to have a look at Gallery Nuance this afternoon, a shop that displays and sells high quality Artisanal goods. This was suggested to us from our meeting previously in the week. We hope to draw some inspiration from this place and see the potential TN could have if it had bigger premises. 

Ablassè has spoken to Hotel Splendid to confirm if they would like some TN products to display, this would be great to catch the tourist trade and we have a meeting set up for Monday to discuss this possibility with them. We are making the most of any opportunity - we went to a hotel to use their Wifi but ended up speaking to the manager and have arranged to come back in with some of TN's products that they said they could display for us in the lobby. It's really encouraging the number of positive responses we are getting and we hope it continues.

So…it has been a good week and progress has been made. We are going to spend the afternoon in Cappuccino where there is good wifi to move our research forward and start next week to put our research and ideas into action!

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