Monday, July 15, 2013

First Impressions

Burkina Faso 1st July – 20th September 2013

Hannah, James, Sarah, Jess, Jean and Ablassé 

Burkina Faso…first impressions

After a tiring journey from Heathrow via Brussels we finally arrived in Ouagadougou, greeted and welcomed by our team leader Hannah and the rest of IS Burkina. After some introductions we headed to ‘Cefise’ our assigned house and caught up on some much needed sleep before the busy week ahead.  On our journey through Ouagadougou we all took in an overwhelming look on our surroundings, and what’s to come over the next 12 weeks.

Tuesday morning we were picked up and taken to the Palais de Jeunesse where the induction week would be held.  During the induction week we were presented with lots of information regarding our personal safety and how to enjoy our stay in Burkina safely, but also important information about Tigoung nonma and the next 12 weeks on the project. We were taken around the city to meet all the different partner organisations – it was great to get an overview of what other teams would be working on and who they are with. For us we were really keen to get to know our partners and learn more about Tigoung Nonma. Throughout the week we were also given French and Mooré lessons and visited a few cultural sites, this was great as it allowed us to get some understanding of our surroundings and areas around the city.

After a good first week we are now excited and ready to start the project…

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