Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Visit from NPower and Notts County!

For the past 10 days we have had a group of people over from the UK. It has been great to have them with us and to get new ideas on how we can take each project forward. Dean and Gemma, from Nottingham County Council, came in to work with us on Tuesday and on Thursday they returned with Hannah and Martin, both from NPower. They each had something new to bring and they were allocated a day or two with each project either just to muck in or share their relevant expertise. Martin has helped us design a planning tool so that we can get started with the preparations for the Tigoung Nonma open day. Our small office is now plastered in huge sugar paper plans - it is great to have a structure we can now follow and ensure we do not miss any detail in the planning process.


Jess, Dean and John have almost completed the new sign to position on the main road near TN. It is looking great and is sure to attract the passing trade with its bright colours. Sarah has redesigned the business cards and price tags that we hope to print as soon as possible. Each artisan will also have their own personal business card that links them and their own workshop to TN. James has been busy with funding applications – we are particularly excited about an organisation called Serrv who provide support and sell products specifically for artisans. We have also made contact with new organisations as potential sale outlets.


On Wednesday, Jean-Pascal, the in-country programme manager, came in for a project update and we spent the morning reviewing what we have done so far and our objectives.


It was difficult to say goodbye to Hannah, Martin, Dean and Gemma at the end of the week. We have really enjoyed their company and especially their help over the past 10 days. They left us with some incredible news that they had kept quiet for the duration of their stay. Before coming out here, Hannah and Martin from N Power had managed to fundraise an incredible £5000 to be split between the projects! This could mean better Internet access for TN, it could possibly be put towards revamping the boutique or help to adapt the vehicle for the artisans. We are so grateful for their hard work and their thoughtfulness in this kind gesture.


What an amazing end to the week!



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  2. Thanks for the post, it sounds like your plans are really starting to take off! and what a result for the projects getting the donation from the N Power team!!

    We will be looking forward to hearing how you have put your planning into action,

    Best Wishes ,

    the York Team.