Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet The Team

Hi! I’m Jean, a national volunteer, working at TN (Tigoung Nonma). Many people call me John and I like it. It’s my first time working for International Service. In TN, I help the international volunteers in their activities, giving them suggestions. I like to make other people happy, and I do what I can to do that, like making jokes, but I like to work too. I update the excel spreadsheet to follow TN kiosk sales. I'm really happy to have met the volunteers of IS, but mostly those of my team. Let me present them to you:

James is an international volunteer coming from Nottingham, 2hours from London. He is 19 years old and is a big worker, specializing in finding partners for TN. During the 3 months, he has been contacting many people and organizations to promote TN’s products. James has adapted himself to Burkina Faso but has been ill twice. For food, I never see him eating rice or spaghetti, just omelettes, tea or juice. I think he likes to play cricket. I’m really happy to have met James and I like him very much. X to James.

Sarah is one big worker, she is 24 years old and when she is very concentrated, she doesn’t want to be disturbed. She makes many things for TN like marketing strategies, business cards, so on and so for. She likes lots of different kinds of food that we have in Burkina Faso (rice, spaghettis, omellettes). Sarah really likes dancing and when she goes dancing, she forgets work and spends her time enjoying herself; I like that. She plays football very well because I saw her playing at Ziniare. I’m really happy to have met Sarah and I like her very much. X to Sarah.

Ablassé is a national volunteer, very committed to promoting TN’s products by contacting national partners, sending them emails, and helping international volunteers to do their best at their work. He is 28 years old and really likes playing football. We discuss all the time about the work of TN and the volunteers. When we went to Ziniaré, Ablassé played football very well and scored a penalty goal. I’m really happy to have met Ablassé and I like him very much. X to Ablassé.

Jess is very funny, she is 26 years old and likes speaking Mooré (the local national language). She is adapted to Burkina Faso, but like James, has been ill two times. She helps to write the team’s blog and she is really good at drawing and painting. I help her sometimes to do the drawings and she teaches me many things. I’m really happy to have met Jess and I like her very much. X to Jess.

Hannah, the team leader is very open and a good manager. She is 23 years old and she lives in south-west England. She does her best to motivate all the members of the team. She gets electric shocks nearly every day. She plays football and disabled basketball very well. She’s never angry, and always cool I’m really happy to have met Hannah and I like her very much. X to Hannah.

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