Friday, August 30, 2013

Équipe de rêve

This week has been a busy and productive week. Everything is finally coming together, ready for the open day!

On Monday, Jess finished the ‘Thank-you’ plaque for Paul Tsai, a previous volunteer who donates money pretty much every month and whose money has been given to the artisans to make new and exciting products! She also finished the suggestion box for the open day, both of them look great! Sarah and Hannah interviewed a few of the artisans, took their pictures and Sarah has made personal profiles for them on the website and facebook page. The Artisans have also been busy handing out as many leaflets and posters as possible.

On Tuesday, Hannah(‘s Mum!) came up with a great idea of introducing ‘Loyalty Cards’ for the kiosk. Soon you’ll be able to buy 10 teas or coffees and get the 11th free! Or have 10 rice and sauces, and get 100CFA off your 11th! Jess designed them, and James and Jean went and bought some card to get them printed right away. James created the open day as an event on Tigoung Nonma’s facebook page and fortunately for us, lots of people started responding straight away.

Sarah has designed a cover photo for facebook to advertise the TN Open Day, which will be good for publicity. Sarah has also been busy getting a funding application finished ready before the deadline tomorrow!

 Its also been abit of a creative week with everyone getting stuck in putting a bunting together for the open day.With the business cards ready for printing Sarah and Hannah  were on the hunt for a cheap price,but that wasn't so simple the first quote was extortionate 250 cards for 62,000 CFA but John came to the rescue and was quoted 1000 cards for 55,000 CFA, which is a similar price to the UK.

James has found a lot of information on directories so that TN can be listed in places such as Burkina tourism and African organisation listings, this will hopefully raise TN’s profile among the tourists.

Jean and Ablassé have managed to get all the letters and invites out so it leaves enough time for people to reply and decide if they’re coming along.  

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