Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Open Day Preparations!

This week has been more of a creative week. The open day is drawing close, and there is still a lot to do...

On Monday, the committee came in to the office for a quick meeting about the open day and to discuss what we have been doing on the organizing front. We agreed to design a T-shirt for all of us to wear on the day-one for the committee members and one for us. James has finished the Powerpoint of products which is going to be projected onto the wall for people to see what Tigoung Nonma produces. Sarah has designed and printed out some of the flyers so that the artisans can hand some out around Ouaga. She's also designed some posters to be stuck up around the town and outside of the artisans' workshops. 
 Jess has finished designing the 'Thank-you' plaque for Paul Tsai, who is a partner of TN and Ablassé, John and Hannah have been busy writing letters to embassies, organizations and local businesses, inviting them to come along.
Ablassé has also been contacting the local press and radio stations for quotes on publicity leading up to the day and for coverage on the day. We have been successful with three radio stations who have all agreed to advertise from now and then every day in the week leading up to the event, and to report on the day itself! This is great, as it will help bring more people along (we have already had reports that it's been heard around town!).
Everything is starting to come together and we are all in high spirits.

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