Friday, August 16, 2013

Plan ahead...

Things at TN have been nonstop since our last blog post. With our open day only 3 weeks away there is still a lot that needs to be arranged! Ablásse and John have been exceptionally busy sorting out invites and phoning around trying to get the media to come along. Sarah and Hannah have been keeping up-to-date on the day to day event plan making sure everything is ongoing.

As a team we decided  that while Zenabou is away on holiday, we would crack on with rearranging the shop space. It is such a small place and is extremely cluttered which puts people off having a browse. One of the main goals of the sort out is getting everything priced up and in some sort of category order. Jess set off dividing everything so that all of the products would be separate in their own spaces with new price tags. So far it’s been 3 days of cleaning and organizing and there is still a lot to do. Jess has also been busy with the sign. She's now managed to put a black outline on the words and a coat of varnish as a finishing touch. All we need now is a chain, then it can be put out on the road side. Hopefully the leaflet that Sarah designed for the open day will be printed and distributed next week; James is working on a PowerPoint of products to show at the open day which could lead to potential partnerships and orders.  

The event has been the main focus for the week but were still keeping up with the funding applications and fair-trade partnerships, with James and Hannah both finishing their funding applications were hopeful once they’re sent it will all work out!  

The shop is coming along nicely !

                                                                           A job well done

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