Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet the new team!


Tigoung Nonma has got new volunteers for three months again. It will be for these volunteers the place to continue the achievement of the last team. The main objective of this team will be finding a shop in the town for TN’s products, creating publicity leaflets, fundraising and finding TN a new headquarters. These brave UK and national volunteers are ready to take on this challenge. Let’s present them!

Ryan is 21 years old. It’s his first time to come to Africa and he is enjoying it. He studied business at university and is from Glasgow. He is good with computers and loves eating omelettes. At Tigoung Nonma he wants to help improve their website and internet sales.

Esther Yameogo is a national volunteer who has just started working at TN this month. She is 28 years old. She likes spaghetti, working at Tigoung Nonma and finds the team amazing. She is enjoying working with them and bringing her help to the people of TN.

 Amy is 22 years old. Like Ryan, it’s her first time to visit Africa. She studied politics and French at university and is from Liverpool. She loves Burkina and Ouagadougou, and thinks everyone at Tigoung Nonma is friendly and welcoming. She can’t wait to get started.  

 John is still here. He continues working on the activities started by the previous volunteers. With the new team, he is showing them what has been done and what they have to finish. He is now 27 years old and likes rice with sauce, working hard and sharing his knowledge with others.

Kathy is also 22 years old and is from Birmingham. She only drinks water and has been suffering with indigestion for four days. We hope she’ll be ok for the rest of her time here. She likes being in Burkina Faso, experiencing a new culture and being part of Tigoung Nonma.

 Hannah is still here as team leader. She enjoyed meeting the new team and she continues working hard and with motivation. Hannah is still 23 years old and has never fallen ill since being in Burkina Faso. She likes rice yassa (spicy onion sauce) and is positive that this team will achieve great things.

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