Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potential internet improvements!

Big news today! Team Leader Hannah asked the staff at TN if we could use IS funds (specific money set aside to be used by volunteers) to purchase an internet dongle. They kindly agreed and with the help of technology wizard Ryan, it’s up and running! Though it’s not the most reliable of connections, our internet has greatly improved. To many at home this would be an insignificant event, but for us it is monumental; it enables us to work more efficiently and have a greater impact here at TN. We can market the artisans’ products online effectively, uploading photos such as ‘Product of the Day’ on to social media sites in a matter of seconds where previously it had taken days. We can download and send funding applications to charities and NGOs, and we can conduct research to try and establish partnerships with national and international companies. Never has anyone been so excited to see the words ‘Your email has been sent’.

Since the last entry we’ve done team building exercises so as to get to know one another, and a lot of planning so we have a timetable for our activities. Watch this space to see the progress we’re making!

From a very happy team here at Tigoung Nonma

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