Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 3 and only 3 days in the office!

This week the team have been busily carrying on with their activities. Amy and Esther have done research into funding partners, John has carried on with designing leaflets for the crafts, and Ryan has been working on the Tigoung Nonma website. He's looking into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve the 'hits' on the TN website. Amy's been preparing English lessons and Hannah has been holding supervision sessions with each member of the team to make sure everybody's getting on alright! We also had a group discussion about the Millennium Goals, volunteering and global inequality.

On Tuesday, it was the Muslim festival of Eid, or Tabaski, as it's also known here in Burkina (which meant no work for us). On this day, all Muslims go to the mosque (usually in the morning) and afterwards, celebrate with their friends and families at home. Here, they sacrifice a goat, cook a variety of food and eat with their family and friends. It's normal for friends of the family to do a tour of all of their Muslim friends to celebrate with them.

(Work was not completely forgotten on this day, with the team managing to download 'Connectify-Me', a wifi-sharing software (thanks to team member, Ryan). We also created a paid advert on facebook to advertise the Tigoung Nonma facebook page - we're now waiting for our 'likes' to go up and up - and our sales too!)

It was Friday that was the real highlight of the week. Handicap Solidaire, Burkina (HSB), another partner organization of International Service, held a large event entitled - La Journée du Fauteuil Roulant (Wheelchair Day) at la Place de la Nation (a large open square in the centre of Ouagadougou). Tigoung Nonma and the team were invited to have a stand to sell both their crafts and food  from the catering service (allocco, chips and brochettes).
There were many partners and disabled singers who entertained the guests. There was even one member of Tigoung Nonma among the singers (see picture below!).  We hope that our stand helped to raise awareness of both TN's crafts and catering service. We received some very positive feedback from the other ICS volunteers who bought our products, who seemed very keen on the bracelets. This was a great event for us and HSB and we hope that it increased the recognition of Tigoung Nonma.

Check out these pictures from Friday's event!
The Tigoung Nonma stand

TN artisan, Rasmata Ouedraogo, entertained the guests. She was so good, Jean and Esther went to dance with her!

The team with permanent secretary, Zoenabou and vice-president, Eva Sorgho.

We continue to enjoy our time in Burkina Faso and working with Tigoung Nonma.

Until next time.
The team at Tigoung Nonma.

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