Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello from the New Tigoung Nonma ICS Team!

Hello. How do you do? I’m fine. I am from London.

This is English for: Y wineega. Y wineeg kiema? Lafa bay min. Mam yey la Londray.

That was Mooré, and this is Team Tiggy’s tremendous blog wherein we will be allowing you insights into life and work in Burkina Faso. We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences, challenging and joyous, over the next ten weeks!

Once again, there are some new additions to the Tigoung Nonma team: Ben, Orla and Laura, who have come from the UK to join team Leader Hannah and national volunteers John and Esther. We are all from the south west of England, taking gap years and very enthusiastic to be working with TN!

So far, Orla and Ben have spent their first few days at TN working with national volunteer John on an inventory – a database listing all the products in the crowded TN shop/office. Progress on this task has been steady, although hindered for a couple of reasons: technical glitches with the programs and really slow internet, which was to be expected, after all TIA (This Is Africa). Also the “personnage formidable” of Mme Trembler, a Canadian marketing expert currently working with TN who has been keen for the IS volunteers to help her with cleaning out the Tiggy shop. She’s a kind of Canadian version of Mary Portas and the contrast between the relaxed Burkinabé pace of life and Mme Trembler’s admirable work ethic has caused some amusing scenarios.  For example, when she tried to get all the artisans to come and collect the excess stock from the shop at an hour’s notice! An hour later: all the stock remained untouched.

Meanwhile, Laura and Esther have been working together to design price labels in a number of shapes and sizes to suit the variety of TN products. This has now successfully been completed and we are waiting for the labels to be printed as soon as a colour printing device is tracked down.

As the week progressed we found ourselves settling in and feeling more at home in the TN office. With progress finally being made we can look forward to next week (Especially for the omelet sandwiches served at the Tiggy kiosk!)

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