Friday, January 24, 2014

Results already!

We have now been at Tigoung Nonma for 1 and a half weeks and are beginning to see results with our first two tasks:

All of the new price labels have been printed for the shop in black and white (and even met Mme. Trembler’s seal of approval!) On Monday and Tuesday we had a ticket-making production line going, with the whole team cutting and sticking frantically, so that almost every product had a price attached by Thursday. The inventory is also now going well, as we seem to have resolved just about every technical problem we could be faced with (Ben is no longer allowed near the computers.)

It is not just the price tickets which have improved the look of the TN shop: John and Ben have also been working hard, putting up extra shelves to accommodate our new and improved jewellery boards. After hours of fixing shelves to walls at the start of the week, it soon became apparent (as pointed out by Mme. Trembler) that they were not in the right place. Although not amusing for Ben and John at the time, their perseverance paid off as the newly positioned shelves look much better!

On Tuesday, we were made to feel especially welcome by Jean-Pascal, project manager for International Service, when all of the Tiggy team had a meeting to discuss our goals for the placement. Although this was in French, there was no need to translate the enthusiasm with which we were greeted. The goals discussed include the price labels and inventory we have already started, as well as adding extra detail to product descriptions on the website and creating a promotional video for TN.

We are settling in well with the TN team and especially enjoying our lunches at the kiosk. Ben is so keen on the Bissap served there by Adeleine that he has been trying to make some in Cefise house. This has resulted in sticky Bissap trails around the kitchen and although his efforts have had some success, we feel Adeleine must be holding back on her secret recipe.

Price label production line!

Amina, Laura, Orla, Ben and Adeline at the kiosk.

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