Friday, January 31, 2014

Team Tiggy at 'SNAC'

As week 4 commenced we found ourselves two members down in the Tiggy team, due to presumed food related illness. Everyone is inclined to blame this bout of food poisoning on street food (which they all raved about at the time…) By Monday night both Ben and Orla had been sent off to the clinic leaving Laura, Esther and John to hold the fort. This soon spread to another of the Cefise housemates, Rory, who also found himself checking into the clinic when visiting Orla with other members of the house. We soldiered on and soon enough the Tigoung Nonma team was reunited.
Despite a slow start to the week, we have made great progress, with the inventory of the TN shop finally being completed (!!) making other tasks so much easier. (Although, now we have artisans names and products imprinted in our minds.) By the end of the week we had all recovered and were excited for the food festival 'SNAC' which consisted of delicious food, live music and a chance to show support for TN who had their own kiosk there. Orla was especially excited to be feeling better for this and ate enough brochettes to make up for the few days missed.
On Saturday Laura, Ben and team leader Hannah joined the TN team at the festival to help them set up their kiosk and were pleased to see all hands on deck from all the Tiggy team members to help set up for that evening. During the week Laura, John, Esther and Hannah all returned to SNAC to help prepare the food for that evening. The kiosk looked great and was a popular choice at the festival.
By Thursday we had returned to normality and managed to buckle down. We were able to complete the artisan’s stories in French and English, ready to upload on the TN website (once we established how to upload!) In the process of rejigging the website we looked at updating the product descriptions. At first this was successful, until Laura and Orla realised there were only so many different ways to describe a leather bag; however we forced ourselves to be creative and are ready to upload the new and improved product descriptions.

On Wednesday after work we decided to relax by taking a trip to a recommended fabric shop. This proved more stressful than anticipated as we starred in awe at the shop full of every kind of fabric in every print. Many fabrics were picked up and quickly put back down as another fabric caught our eyes. Eventually we all made our choices (apart from Orla who couldn’t decide so bought two) We have also all handed our fabrics into the local tailor and we’ll let you know how they turn out next week…

Team Tigoung Nonma at 'SNAC'

'Fabric Wonderland'

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