Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tigoung Nonma Website ‘Wizkidz’

We have had another productive few days at TN this week, working mainly on updating the website. This has been a rewarding task as we have seen ‘Bag 1’ by Abas Koanda transformed into ‘The Everyday Bag’, “a staple item which no wardrobe can be complete without.” Adding details to product descriptions has resulted in a lot of time spent plugged into our laptops in our new HQ- (commandeered from HSB) Espace Bambino. Our hard working creativity is then rewarded every few days when we have to venture out in search of faster wifi at various cafés in order to upload the changes we have made. Laura and Orla have especially appreciated the ice cold milkshakes at the veranda after hours spent agonising over the numerous ways to describe a leather bag. We felt these single milkshakes bought us the right to sit in these cafes for hours using their free wifi.

 We have now reached a stage where almost all of the English descriptions are finished and Esther and John are working on the translations for the French half of the website. Ben has been in full French mode helping Esther and John with this. We are hoping that once the changes we want to make are complete the website will be able to attract not only individual buyers but larger orders.

In addition to the product descriptions there have been smaller tasks we have been working on as well. Ben has been looking into improving the donations page by adding stories about what previous donations have achieved and what TN wants to invest in in the future. Orla and Laura have also started designing decorative banners to go at the top of each craft section on the website.

We had a meeting this week with the Tigoung Nonma committee, in which we updated them on our progress and were able to present a few ideas we’ve come up with for a branding logo to be stamped into our products. Laura was able to present her designs for the logo to the committee, who not only greatly received them but were able to agree on their favourite and we are now able to look towards the logistics of how to put these onto each product.  They seemed pleased with what we have achieved so far but the end of the meeting was a little hard for us to follow as it descended into heated discussions, mainly in mooré, about the merits of various brochette-making methods.  

After much time spent typing away at our laptops it was a refreshing change on Wednesday afternoon to have a workshop on paper maché beads led by Paralympic Project Manager Ross. We joined Rasmata, an artisan invited to learn this technique, and got stuck into making beads out of a toilet roll and glue concoction.
Ross, Rasmata and the team making paper mache beads
A lot of our free time this week has been taken up visiting various tailors (we are beginning to forget which tailor has which fabric now) and struggling through explanations in French about the exact garment designs that we desire.  Overall there has been success within the Cefise house with our new outfits, although the boys believe that the tailor has accommodated for rippling muscles with the generous sleeves on the shirts.

Why not check out the Tigoung Nonma website to see the new changes! Also tune in next week for the pictures of Cefise house sporting our traditional African wears…

Finally, a picture of us!

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