Sunday, March 9, 2014

Art Attack at Hannah's and Laura's 19th Birthday

As week nine draws to a close we can reflect on a productive five days here at Tigoung Nonma.

We have continued to update our website adding more and more product descriptions and artisan profiles in French and English. In addition to this, the TN office has been turned into a cutting room: Orla and Laura are putting together a promotional video for Tigoung Nonma while Ben and Jean have created a report and interview with Mariam Guene, a disabled woman who TN have helped to open a small stall. We hope to have both videos on the website in the coming weeks.

On Thursday the team descended on Hannah’s house to work on the two new signs we’re building for the Tigoung Nonma boutique. The front yard was transformed into a workshop: the ground covered in sawdust and white emulsion and the air filled with the roar of power tools. We also used Hannah’s internet dongle to get some serious uploading done, enjoying UK-like speeds that we haven’t experienced in over two months!

The big event of the week was undoubtedly Laura’s 19th birthday which coincided fantastically with Pancake Day on Tuesday. After work we all sat round the table munching on pancakes and watched Laura open her presents which her family had packed in her suitcase when she left the UK at the start of January! In the evening we headed off to Bar K for the best burgers in Ouagadougou on the bar’s roof.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day which is very important here in Burkina. Everybody wears special ‘Huit Mars’ fabric which is commissioned each year and men are encouraged to do the shopping and cook for their wives. We’re looking forward to going to the Kabeela open day in Zinaire tomorrow as well as wearing our Women’s Day clothes.

Unbelievably, next week is our penultimate week with Tigoung Nonma so we’ll be trying to bring our tasks to a close. Hopefully the next blog entry will include a long list of completed projects!


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