Monday, May 5, 2014

All aboard for training!

It’s been another busy week at Tigoung Nonma, and now that we’re fully into the swing of things we thought it fit to write about one of our biggest priorities – training. As ICS draws towards its initial end date of 2015, after which there is no guarantee that International Service volunteers will be working at their partner organisations, the importance of capacity building has never been so clear. 

For this reason, our team decided during our initial planning that one of our main focuses would be on training TN members in as many areas as possible; with a particular emphasis on making sure that activities started by ICS volunteers can be made sustainable.

This week has included ICT training, a photography workshop, language lessons, and more… 

All the UK volunteers have been engaged with language teaching, including a group language class which began in English, and developed into a dynamic exchange of English, French and Mooré, as well as more structured, one-to-one English lessons. 

Roxy delivering a language lesson
Esther, who is trained in accountancy, began sharing her skills with Cécile, one of the members of TN who will support Zoenabou’s work in keeping the organisation’s accounts. 

Emily took on the challenge of practising her French technical vocabulary, and worked with TN president, Abas, on Microsoft Excel and Word. Together they covered a wide range of computer skills, with the eventual aim that Abas will maintain TN’s digital inventory – a tool created by a previous group of volunteers. 

With the aim of making sure that TN are able to maintain their website, we also had a mini photography workshop. In the next session we will be uploading new products to the site, so keep a look out for some brand new bronze items in the next few days!

Emily and Clementine photographing bronze products

Esther working with Cécile on accountancy skills

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we’ve enjoyed engaging with Tigoung Nonma’s members in our work towards long-term sustainability. Until next time, bilfou!

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