Friday, May 23, 2014

Meetings, greetings and more Mooré

This has been a week of trying to establish more partnerships with local organisations, with the intention of further raising awareness and support for Tigoung Nonma’s activities.

On Saturday night we set up a stall of Tigoung Nonma products at nearby ‘Le Foyer de l’Atelier Theatre Burkinabe’, to coincide with an evening of storytelling taking place there. It was an enjoyable evening, and a good opportunity to give out invites for the open day on June 7th. On Wednesday we visited the Auberge Song-Taaba, a leafy social enterprise and auberge very close to the TN headquarters in Gounghin, where we discussed possibilities of mutual promotion. Thank you to both organisations for being keen to support Tigoung Nonma – we look forward to continued future partnerships.

We have been working on a marketing strategy for TN which has led us to identify distinct potential customer groups, which includes mainly local Ouagalais, international buyers, tourists, and the expatriate community in Ouagadougou. Over the last few weeks we have had a number of meetings at hotels around Ouaga for the purpose of trying to get Tigoung Nonma products sold in their foyers to tourists and other hotel clients. Although we have not yet managed to achieve a partnership in this capacity, it is a goal we continue to work towards. 

Emily and Zoenabou uploading images to the website

To keep Tigoung Nonma’s internet-using buyers up-to-date we have been adding new products and product descriptions to the website. Emily and Zoenabou have been working together on a new bronze section which is now in the process of being completed. We have also been continuing our work expanding our social media presence by trying to establish mutual partnerships online using Twitter and Facebook, we hope will in turn raise awareness of the issues faced by people with disabilities in Burkina Faso, and boost Tigoung Nonma’s sales. This work has resulted in many new followers, and we hope that this is a trend which will continue.

The new kiosk waiting outside of TN!

The Tigoung Nonma kiosk was delivered from its old headquarters at Handicap Solidaire Burkina on Thursday, and is now ready for use by the Tigoung Nonma catering service, which we will be promoting around Ouagadougou in the coming weeks. On Thursday, we also had a visit from Handicap International who came to discuss a two year research project they are conducting, which will involve interviewing members of TN. Before the meetings this week at the TN headquarters we have taken the opportunity to further language skills in Mooré and English, which is always a lot of fun!

Meeting with Handicap International
Do visit our website at tigoungnonma.org and twitter.com/TigoungNonma to keep up to date during the week. Bilfou! 

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