Friday, May 30, 2014

Organisation sensation

Week 7 already! Where does the time go…

Whilst the team have faced a few setbacks this week, due to a visit to the clinic on Monday (thankfully everyone is feeling better), a power cut all day on Wednesday and a Jour Férié on Thursday, we have still been busy getting on with our preparations for the Open Day next weekend!

Product labelling has been a big focus, with both the ICS volunteers and TN members getting stuck in to ensure that all products in the shop are clearly labelled before the Open Day. Tuesday and Wednesday saw a concerted group effort to achieve this, with an efficient production line of printing, cutting, sticking and attaching labels. Working together has provided us with a great opportunity to get to know the members of Tigoung Nonma, as well as practicing our French and Mooré! Sport is a frequent topic of conversation here in Burkina Faso; whilst Emily had trouble convincing President Abas and Vice President Evariste to support her team (Manchester City), all could agree to support Burkina in the African Cup of Nations next year! 
Rasmata cutting out labels
Bunting in progress

Zoenabou labelling pottery

The TN catering service has also been busy this week, with a large order for a Swiss NGO on Wednesday. Esther spent the day helping Clementine to serve the food and drink; overall the day was a great success.

We rounded off the week with a trip to the home of Issouf Sebgo, a TN member who works with bronze to make sculptures and key-rings. This was an extremely informative visit as we were fortunate enough to see a demonstration of the bronze ‘lost wax’ technique firsthand. Roxy, who also works with bronze, was interested to see so much similarity to how this is done in the UK.

 To create the bronze sculptures, wax is poured into a plaster mould of the design; it is then removed when cool, leaving a solid wax replica, around which earth is packed. This is heated, hardening the earth and melting the wax to leave a cavity into which liquid bronze is poured. When the bronze has cooled, the earth is cracked away to reveal the solid sculpture.

At Issouf's home
Issouf demonstrating the 'lost wax' technique
Left to right: Emily, Esther, Roxy and Issouf
This was fascinating to witness; the team took some film and interviewed Issouf about the process, so watch this space for the video! Bilfou !


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