Friday, May 9, 2014

Putting TN on the map!

This week the team were out and about in the local area, promoting Tigoung Nonma’s new HQ to the surrounding community. On Tuesday, TN’s President, Vice President and Secretary, along with the ICS volunteers, visited nearby businesses to advertise the co-operative. It was a fascinating experience learning about our neighbours; we hadn’t yet realised that we were in the middle of such a cultural centre, in close proximity to two theatres and on the site of a bi-annual arts festival! It was great to find out that our neighbours have similar interests and we had some lively chats about potential future collaborations.

Visiting the neighbours to promote Tigoung Nonma

Our initial feedback has been really positive, and we have since had several new visitors to the shop.

Word about Tigoung Nonma’s new premises is spreading – so much so that we have even managed to get the location approved on Google Maps!

Check us out on Google!

We hope that this will make it easier to locate the new HQ and will increase TN’s online presence.

In addition to this, the ICS volunteers have been busy contacting hotels in Ouagadougou, to look into the possibility of using these outlets as another way of selling Tigoung Nonma’s products, as well as increasing awareness of the organisation. We have thus far met with two hotels to further discuss this option, and are hoping to meet with more next week. 
In other news, the team were taken by surprise on Thursday when an unexpected dust storm interrupted lunch, catching us out in the middle of our riz gras! The torrential downpour that followed was very reminiscent of rainy days back in the UK, and has thankfully resulted in cooler temperatures at the end of the week.

Finally, we have pencilled in a date for the ‘Grande Ouverture’ (Grand Opening) of the new Tigoung Nonma HQ for 7th June 2014 so watch this space!  

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