Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brochettes, bunting and ‘bon’ things

After weeks of preparation, planning, labeling products, distributing leaflets, making bunting, tidying, cleaning, sorting and cooking, the big day finally arrived!

Tigoung Nonma’s first Open Day at their new location took place on Saturday 7th June, and was a huge success. More on that later...

TN's first 'Journée Portes Ouvertes' at the new location
Earlier in the week, the ICS volunteers had fun handing out leaflets at hotels and restaurants in the centre of town, as well as the University of Ouagadougou. With 200 leaflets distributed and multiple positive conversations promoting TN (giving the UKVs a chance to show off their improved French skills), it was a hectic but enjoyable morning, rounded off by a visit from Jean Pascal Ki, in-country ICS Programmes Manager, and Martin Keat, IS International Programmes Director. It was a great opportunity to discuss what we have been getting up to at TN, as well as giving Martin a sneak preview of the new premises before the Open Day.

This week also saw the installation of a new hangar at the TN HQ, which now provides more shelter from both rain and sun over the courtyard, and the re-installation of the TN kiosk, moved over from the old premises at HSB.

All this was finished in perfect timing for the Open Day, meaning that the kiosk was up and running on the day, serving a delicious menu of riz au soumbala, babenda,  poulet, frites, alloco (plantain) – and of course, ‘gateau anglais’ (chocolate fridge cake) provided by the UKVs.

The catering service was also able to sell meat and soya brochettes, courtesy of their new grill provided by the Small Grants Fund. These went down a treat amongst the guests, so a huge thank you to the SGF for this contribution.

In addition to the food provided by the lovely ladies of TN’s catering service, there were plenty of activities for guests to get involved with. Esther and Leonie put together an ‘Enveloppe surprise’, in which people buy an envelope containing a secret message and the chance to win a mystery prize! As well as this, there was henna tattooing and hair-braiding; both of which went down well with the UK volunteers!

UKVs Roxy and Emily with matching braids

Of course, there was also the opportunity to buy the beautiful crafts hand-made by the TN artisans. The group effort from both the ICS volunteers and the TN members to label and clean products over the last few weeks paid off, with the shop looking beautifully presented and attracting a lot of attention from passing visitors.

The day was well-attended, with many visitors from the local community as well as the other ICS volunteers. Tigoung Nonma were delighted to welcome Martin back, as well as Eleonore Couldiaty, IS Country Director for Burkina Faso, and were especially honoured to have a visit from Ziblim Mahama and Sory Ibrahima Monekata, the IS Country Directors for Ghana and Mali.

IS staff meeting TN's president, Abas and permanent secretary, Zoenabou

Overall, the Open Day was a great success, with TN making sales and clearly establishing themselves in the local community. Thanks to all those who supported the day, in particular to our guests from International Service Ghana and Mali.

The Open Day team!

Yi somma!

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  1. The new HQ and the open day sound great - and the food looks fantastic!