Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Big Welcome from the New Tigoung Nonma Team!

Y wineega! That in English translates as good morning in Mooré. As well as French, Mooré is the language spoken on the Mossi Plateau of Burkina Faso.

So, without further ado, welcome to Team Tiggy's blog where we hope you will gain a deeper insight into the collaboration between ICS and Tigoung Nonma. Over the next ten weeks, we will be sharing our experiences with you on this blog and we hope you will enjoy reading about them!

Team Tiggy now exists as a larger group consisting of a new team leader: Mary; three UK volunteers: Jordy, Rumbie and Salman; and three national volunteers from Burkina: Esther, Francis and Achille.

All the ICS volunteers at TN HQ

We have been extremely busy since we arrived in Burkina last Saturday (5th July) having participated in many training sessions on subjects such as the local culture, health and security, as well as lessons in French and Mooré. After three days of preparation, we began work at TN HQ on Thursday (10th July). So far, we have been non-stop planning, preparing and even more planning!

We began by learning the ropes: meeting the TN team, checking out the products, and having a meeting with the team to discuss our main objectives, not to mention playing with baby Olivier who has become a bit of a local celebrity in the office.

We also popped over to next door's school of scenography and were shown the stunning maquette for the upcoming arts festival that will be taking place throughout September and October all along the street where TN is based. Sadly we won't be here to see the final outcome but we'll definitely be keeping an eye on the preparations next door.

That's all for now, but make sure to tune in next week. Team Tiggy :)

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