Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 3 means big business: hotels, airlines and taking Ouaga by storm

Hi everyone! This week the team has been as busy as ever, and our time was divided between the office and central Ouaga. Salman’s focus remained on making sure the remaining bronze products got uploaded onto the website, which he managed to complete with help from Jordy the photography and editing.
In the office, Jordy also began looking into search engine optimisation to try and increase the visibility of TN on Google, while Esther made some phone calls and drafted a letter of recommendation in preparation for meetings at hotels. Achille continued research into possibly acquiring funds from the National Lottery of Burkina, which if successful will go towards purchasing a headquarters for TN.

Following this, Jordy, Achille and Francis then went into town for meetings with 10 different airlines and banks to search for funding for TN to get involved in SIAO - an exhibition for artisans both locan and international. The next day Francis, Rumbie and Esther headed out into the city centre where they attended 3 meetings with hotel managers, in which they got some very enthusiastic responses to the idea of displaying some of TN’s products at hotels for tourists to purchase. They also got the exciting chance to visit a couple of radio stations for meetings, one of which is a national station, at which they discussed some very appealing opportunities to promote TN.

English lesson with some TN members
Back in the office, Mary, Jordy and Salman delivered their first English lessons, which went down well as the members where happily showing off their newly learned phrases as Francis, Esther and Rumbie returned.
To round up the week, the team then had a meeting with the artisans (and baby Olivier), in which we discussed what we achieved, and so far and our goals for next week. After a lot of meetings and emailing possible funding partners, we are hoping for good news so keep tuned.

That’s all for now- thanks for reading!

-Team Tiggy

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