Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 4: Eid celebrations and Fishing for Funds!

Welcome back to Tigoung Nonma, where we’ve been hard at work as usual. After a great long weekend due to Eid celebrations (during which we were invited to lunch* at the house of TN chairwoman, Zoénabou) Tuesday marked the beginning of some new activities for TN. As fundraising is a priority – TN wants to buy a new workshop for its members - we’ve put Wednesdays aside for research into funds. This time around we made some inroads by contacting relevant NGOs. To be continued...

The new TN team outside HQ

The team also investigated Search Engine Optimization tactics for the website and updated the keywords to hopefully attract more traffic on the website. As one of TN’s aims is to extend its sales in West Africa, Rumbie and Jordy set about taking photos of the TN collections to send to a promising-looking retailer. Another important goal is to raise TN’s international profile and partnerships, so Salman set about writing an article to send to disability arts organisations in the UK in hope of publishing it in their journals or on their websites. To promote TN’s services locally, Esther worked on updating the flyer for the catering service, which is now ready to send to potential clients.

A nice surprise happened when we received an unexpected visit from a local tour guide that Francis and Rumbie had contacted – he agreed to include TN in his city guides for interested tourists, completely free of charge! Otherwise the team continued with the existing projects, as well as enjoying spontaneous visits from TN members bringing in their products to sell, such as Moïse, who was commissioned to make 1000 miniature bicycles out of wire. Our heart went out to the poor members who had the gruelling task of counting them and carrying out quality control!

That’s the rundown of the week. A bientôt!


Half-way through the bicycle count

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