Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 5: Tiggy à la mode: Fashion Bloggers and Photoshoots

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week marks the half way point of our placement and frankly it has been a busy one here at TN HQ. Tuesday was a bank holiday due to it being Independence Day, which gave the team some time to relax but meant that there was a lot to do on the other four days!

What came to a surprise to the team at the beginning of the week was a feature on a fashion blog by a friend of Salman’s. We have been contacting fashion and travel bloggers in order to increase Tigoung Nonma’s online presence and to attract more visitors to our website. The blog feature can be seen here: http://www.akeysworld.co.uk/2014/08/tigoung-nonma.html (Thanks Akey from all at TN!). In addition to this, we have also been hoping to increase TN’s national presence. After a meeting with Radio Savane FM (a local Burkinabe radio station), we have been lucky enough to organise a slot on the station to showcase TN to Burkina Faso – watch this space!

Volunteer's photography ready to send to larger retailers
After numerous days of research, the funding request to the Burkinabe lottery was finalised and delivered. If successful, TN would be one step closer in achieving one of their key goals; purchasing a plot of land to build new premises. A request has also been delivered in the direction of SITHO (Salon International du Tourisme et de L’Hôtellerie a Ouagadougou) in order to see if TN’s catering service can have a stand at the event. Being present at SITHO would be an incredible marketing opportunity for TN. Research has also been made into collaborations with larger retailers who would be able to purchase our artisans’ products and sell them onwards via an equitable trading platform.

Before we knew it, we were well into Fundsday (Wednesdays are now dedicated to research) where the team worked extremely hard searching for funds for Tigoung Nonma. We have also been discussing more in relation to our open day that will take place towards the end of our placement. A date has been set, and the team are now in talks with Zoénabou regarding the budget and activities for the day.

IT training with TN members
One of our main focuses for the placement has been surrounding capacity building. We can’t forget that the ICS programme may conclude in 2015, therefore we are prioritising sustainability throughout our activities, in particular by training TN members. An English lesson with Leonie (the general secretary of TN) took place during the week in which she learnt to discuss what she did during the last week, what she plans to do next weekend, her family and relationships. The majority of the committee members took part in individual IT lessons on Thursday. Zoénabou has shown great potential and we have high hopes that she will become a tech-wizard in the near future! Further to this, a training booklet in IT skills is in the making for the members to use and to consolidate their learning at home.

Thanks for reading and until next week. Salut!

Team Tiggy

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