Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 6: Tiggy on the waves

It has been an exciting week here at Tiggy, as we got the opportunity to speak on national radio. We managed to secure a 15 minute slot at Savane FM, Ouagadougou, which gave us plenty of time to discuss Tigoung Nonma’s current goals, volunteer activities, mission, and partnership with International Service. We were joined by tanti Zoénabou who spoke about the artisans’ activities and creations in French, and also explained Tigoung Nonma’s general activities in Mooré. The session ran very smoothly, and we got the opportunity to speak about the possibility of a stand at the SIAO festival which is taking place later this year. We were also able advertise our upcoming open day, taking place on September 13th – how time passes!

The team at Savane FM

Snippet of the training booklet

Back in the office, planning for the open day is now in full swing. We are aiming to send all invitations by next week, and have all products ordered so that our stocks are replenished in time for the day. As it is now more than half way through our placement, we have been focusing more on training members in IT and providing English lessons. Jordy and Rumbie spent some time creating an IT training booklet (translated by Achille and Francis), which the members can take with them to learn at home.

 Bon weekend, et bilfou!

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