Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 7: Media breakthrough and open day preparations

Activity in the office took an exciting turn this week when we got a reply from a prominent disability news and  awareness organisation, inviting us to write an article about Tigoung Nonma to feature on their website. It goes without saying that this task became the focal point of the team’s attention, everyone chipping in their thoughts and suggestions. The article traces the roots of Tiggy’s formation, as well as giving an insight into the struggles of living with a disability in Burkina. The finished piece includes the personal experiences of some of TN’s members and some engaging photographs of the members in their element. Look out for the link we’ll post here once it’s up and ready. In the meantime, here’s a sneaky photo preview:
A sneak peak into our article's photos

Other breakthroughs of the week include celebrating the finished IT training handbook (an ongoing task) which will hopefully be a useful accompaniment to future IT lessons with the members.  We are also working towards getting Tiggy mentioned in the city guide of another local tour company.

Last but not least, preparations for the mini open day (13th September in case you were wondering) are now in full swing. It’s top secret of course, but we will say this: expect a lot of arty variety, delicious food by our catering service, and some awesome traditional tunes. More on this later.

Olivier having his first English lesson
Ciao for now! Team TN

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