Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 9: Upcycling and climate change close-up

Crochet products now available online
We kicked off the week by finishing a group discussion on globalisation and interdependence. Amongst the topics, the discussion included fair trade and the environment, which are two key concerns of Tigoung Nonma as a co-operative, and we all agreed that everyone should do their part to slow down the effects of climate change. Here at Tigoung Nonma, our artisans are doing their part through creating products from recycled materials. Just this week in fact, the team finished uploading crochet products made from recycled plastic onto the Tigoung Nonma website, so they are now available to purchase online! We also have creations upcycled from food cans: musical instruments such as thumb pianos and children’s toys as shown below.

Upycled products at Tiggy

As it’s now the last week of work we have also spent our time re- contacting potential funding partners - restaurants, hotels, and banks - and Salman and Francis revisited Coris Bank to enquire about funding. To the left is an example of letters of enquiry that were drafted by Francis and Achille, which the team have taken into over 15 different meetings.We are hoping to hear some good news soon!

We are really fortunate and excited to have received funds from Handicap Solidaire Suisse, which has come at a great time when preparations for the open day are in full swing as the date draws nearer. Some of the money has been used to buy a hundred chairs and some tables, which will not only reduce the amount spent on the open day (and therefore maximise profits), but can also be used to generate income for Tigoung Nonma by renting them out in the future. We will spend next week doing admin work, getting final tasks completed, and getting ready for the open day on Saturday the 13th September. See you there!

- Team Tiggy

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