Tuesday, June 2, 2015

C'est le moment de dire aurevoir!

So in our last week here at Tigoung Nonma we have rounded up and de-briefed our project altogether and looked back on what we achieved as a team.

Our open day went very well, with all volunteers taking part, and many visitors to support us and our organisation, visit the shop and also join in with our activities. Everyone stayed to have a drink and some lovely food cooked by our very own catering staff, J following with some entertainment also, some traditional African musicians played with drums and sitars, we had a few dancers and our DJ throughout the whole event, was Monsieur Kevin, an artisan from TN.

We had a photo booth for everyone to take part in whilst visiting our open day, the final photos were quite, erm, amusing…. Haha

Everyone showed their fabulous side, and dressed up in either traditional Burkinabe or English clothes to share both cultures!

On the last Friday we spent together as volunteers, we had a meal with our national volunteers at Cyrille’s house. Caitlin showed off her mocktail making skills and made everyone either Pina coladas, mojitos or Tiki cocktails and the nationals made us an AMAZING feast of all the best Burkinabe food! J Was an awesome day to spend with the nationals, all us UK volunteers will miss them very much!!! 

Then our last day at work, the artisans, team members and Madame Zoenabou presented us with some lovely gifts from Tigoung Nonma…. I am so pleased and overwhelmed, I will keep my present forever and hang it up back at home!

We have four days left now and are looking forward to our Cultural Day on Thursday, where we’ll be presenting our projects to all rural and central cohort teams together in the training centre and also be performing a few dances in our groups! Shall be a fun day to spend with ALL the International Service cohort, and very sad to leave!


Bonjour les amis,

C’est avec un pincement au cœur que nous rédigeons ce dernier post car nous sommes déjà à la fin du placement. Le chemin a été cours mais très instructif autant pour les volontaires que pour le Team Leader. Nous avons appris beaucoup les uns des autres, et aussi des membres de l’Association Tigoung Nonma, par qui nous étions émerveillés des talents. C’est donc vous dire à quel point notre placement a été enrichissant autant sur le plan professionnel que personnel. Par ailleurs, nous tenons à vous remercier d’avoir suivi avec intérêt toutes les activités réalisées par la cohorte 12 et espérons que vous continuerez à suivre activement les activités de Tigoung Nonma aussi bien sur sa page Facebook que sur son site Internet (www.tigoungnonma.org). Nous souhaitons bon début de placement et bon courage à la cohorte prochaine et sommes convaincus qu’ils seront à mesure de relever les défis qui se présenteront à eux.

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