Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oliver Goes To The Wedding

Monday 13th July - Friday 17th July
Week 5

Monday started with all volunteers reviewing the previous work of cohort 12. We did this through reading their newsletter, case study and project briefing. This was a great way to get an understanding of what they felt there biggest achievements were whilst at TN, and also what they think we should focus on during our placement. We then created our own newsletter, case study and project briefing in which we speak about our experiences so far with Tigoung Nonma and reflect up on the Artisans visits we had in week two. We also managed to upload our promotional video to Youtube which represents our Artisans and the brilliant work they do! Here’s a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh1wNCb15Ao. That afternoon, Oliver looked over the accounts again.

Tuesday was a very busy day at TN, we did a full stock check of all the products we currently house in our little shop. As most of the products are small intricate objects or jewellery, you can imagine that it was quite a time consuming process! We also took pictures of all the products so that when we get chance the website can be updated. 

On Wednesday, Pam and Kader (the lovebirds), helped TN staff with the catering service. It turned out to be another sublime, and successful day for TNs catering team. Meanwhile, the other volunteers completed some admin work. Before we finished the day we went to a local school and finalised plans for building two ramps for children with disabilities. 

Thursday was a very exciting day for us TN volunteers. We walked again to the local school called, Saint Pierre, and spent the whole morning working hard on mixing cement and sand, and eventually completing two ramps! All volunteers contributed to the formation of the ramps and we finished them both off with the TN brand. Fair to say we all felt great afterwards!

On Friday we took the day off work and had a party! In fairness, it was in celebration of the end of Ramadan, definitely a good enough reason to skip duties for the day. We all met at Madame Zœnabou’s home, and she catered a delicious buffet for us all. As two of our volunteers recently got engaged (Pam & Kader), we also had a wedding ceremony ministered by our very own team leader, Melodie! We give them a week.

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