Sunday, August 23, 2015

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Monday 10 August - Friday 14 August
Week 9

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Monday marks the start of our final week of work at Tigoung Nonma! As next week will be consumed by celebrating the end of our placement, and writing up debriefs, we have only this week to complete what we want to achieve here. So far it’s been a really positive experience for all the volunteers here, and as we have managed to achieve a lot of what we wanted to do, we’ve been reminiscing on our favourite memories from the past 9 weeks. 

We all agree that the cultural exchange has been interesting. This includes the heated debates between British and National volunteers, and English and French lessons. Another highlight was our cultural day which we had this week! Finally, a memory we’re all fond of - building the ramps at a local school. It felt really good to complete something practical which we know will be there for a long time and be useful for a lot of people!  

Back to this week, and Wednesday, which was an early start for all the volunteers in Ouagadougou. We caught a 5:30 bus to one of our sister projects, Rio. It was their open day and we started the day by ploughing in a local farm. It was hard work so afterwards we enjoyed some of the farms produce, eating haricot et riz and drinking cider. When we arrived back at the project, we took part in the first stages of making Shea Butter, which was really messy! We had lunch and then left our Rio volunteers and headed back to Ouagadougou. The British and National volunteers had some what of a sing off on the bus home. Tragically, the best we could seem to come up with to sing was God Save the Queen! 

Thursday was a big day for us here at Tigoung Nonma - it was our culture day! We started work early by assembling the marquee whilst the catering service began cooking the food. We set out all of our brilliant products on display and waited for everyone to arrive. Our little shop filled up fairly quickly when Kevin put on the African tunes! It was great to have many of the other volunteers there, and we had to go to the shop a couple of times to stock up on Beer which was very popular. Here’s a few pictures from the day which was a real highlight for everyone here at Tigoung Nonma! 

After a really busy week working very hard, we took Friday off to rest and reflect on our time with TN. As next week marks our final few days here, this is our last blog. All the TN volunteers are sad to leave but pleased with what we’ve accomplished. We wish the best of luck to the next cohort of volunteers and hope they enjoy themselves as much as we have!



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