About the project

The Partner:
Tigoung Nonma  is a Disabled Artisans Cooperative formed in Ouagadougou  in 2005.  Tigoung Nonma (meaning “Strength through unity”), was officially recognised in April 2006. It allows the artisans to work individually as well as to access markets and funds as a group.

Tigoung Nonma currently has 64 members (40 women and 24 men).  One of the main aims of the cooperative is to increase the sales of their members’ products, which are in the domains of carpentry, leatherwork, dress-making etc. Of each product sold, 80% goes to the artisan, whilst the remaining 20% goes towards the sustainability of the cooperative.  A second vital activity of Tigoung Nonma is the catering service that they provide to other organisations.

Tigoung Nonma is experiencing challenges expanding the  organisation due to the levels of their members’ poverty, the quality of their products and inadequate funding to support the artisans.

The Project:
The overall aim of the project is organisational and professional capacity building to promote disabled people’s rights and activities. The project will continue to support TN members in developing marketing strategies for the sale (at international and national level) of their products, improve the quality of their products, and promote their catering service. It will also increase the organisational capacity of Tigoung Nonma in fundraising and accountancy. The latter will enable them to expand their business and better manage and keep their accounts; as well as to serve more people living with a disability. The project will also give credibility to disabled people in Burkinabe society. The development of marketing strategies will also involve securing appropriate transport to enable their members to transport their products for sale.
In order to promote their members’ rights, TN also foresees the implementation of training in HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health.

This project will be linked with Handicap Solidaire Suisse, who will provide training for 8 members of TN, who will then be able to train more artisans, thus resulting in the overall improvement of TN’s products.

Outcomes of the Project will include:
a) TN’s capacities are strengthened and they are able to produce high quality products and to sell them.
b) TN has promoted the rights of its members to access information on HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health.
c) TN members have a marketing plan for their crafts and for their catering service.
d) TN members have improved the quality of their products.
e) TN has links with at least 2 fair trade organisations.
f) TN members are able to sell their products online.
g) TN’s capacities in fundraising are strengthened.
h) TN members gain self-confidence and participate in the fight against begging.

Planned Activities:
Action research
- Identify potential partnerships with fair trade companies and create a partnership with them
- Research business opportunities for TN’s catering service
- Design a marketing strategy
- Research online payment method

- Training on marketing, English and IT
- Training on HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health for TN members
- Training on the improvement of the quality of TN member’s products

Awareness raising

- Raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health amongst TN members
- Raising awareness on self-confidence and in the fight against begging amongst disabled people

Resource development
- Support in the development of projects or applications for funding
- Supporting TN to participate in various national and international exhibitions
- Support with online sales
- Identification of potential funding partners.

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